Helping the homeless in Michiana since 2012.    

Our homeless youth

Our homeless youth and our future!



Michiana Five fought and brought awareness for the need of a homeless youth shelter in Elkhart county which opened on April 4 2016



  • Nearly 40% of all homeless youth identify themselves as LGBT. Many of them homeless because their parents do not accept their lifestyle.
  • Homeless youth are most vulnerable to abuse, prostitution, slavery, drugs, depression, suicide, and human trafficking.
  • Many homeless youth have issues they struggle with and keep to themselves. These thoughts escalate and feelings  of being totally alone can lead to desperation.
  • Ryan Borkowski, 16 yrs. old, died as a runaway in an abandoned Elkhart Indiana home after 31 days on the streets alone.
  • Michiana Five began advocating for the creation of a youth shelter / safe place in March of 2015. On April 4, 2016, it became a reality when Bashor Children’s Home opened such a shelter.
  • Michiana Five successfully convinced an entire community of the need. Bashor Children’s Home was the only one capable of raising the funds and moving ahead with the plans for the first youth shelter in the county.


As  a memorial to Ryan the staff placed a plaque in the family counseling room. In the future no other youth will find themselves alone without a safe place to stay.


We remember Ryan, the sweet young man whose tragic death inspired us to ensure homeless youth will always find safety, hope and refuge.

Michiana Five daily continues to aid and fight for our homeless youth, adults and veterans.