Our deposit assistance program for the homeless

Our housing success in the news:


In May 2017, we at Michiana Five secured  a $15,000 grant from a local Foundation to operate a new program called our deposit assistance program which ended up aiding 32 people with housing!

We had 26 homeless helped and 6 people who we saved from an eviction. Every homeless person was placed into affordable housing during the period of August 2017 – January 2018. We helped these 6 people so they were not added to the homeless population and lose everything and then requalify for our program. 

We are currently seeking new grants to further this important program and deposit assistance by helping our homeless with a hand up and placing them into affordable housing of their choice.


They must be employed, seek out their own housing as to what they like and that is affordable to them and to their budget. Also, location, size and neighborhood, application acceptance or approval.