Our programs making a difference!

These programs serve our homeless and our most in need or at risk!

Our haircuts and a dinner for the homeless 

Our emergency food boxes to families in crisis Our homeless veteran awareness signsOur MOTHER GOOSE diaper assistance program  83 mothers helped to date!Our sign campaign to bring about awareness of lack of sheltersOur street outreach program to the homeless Our care bags to the street homeless

Michiana Five for the homeless programs:

  • Street outreach ANNUAL COSTS $2000.00

Our street outreach is the central program of  Michiana Five for the Homeless, Inc. It’s goal is to alleviate hunger and provide clothing  in Michiana by soliciting, collecting, and packaging such necessary items for the individual facing daily struggles and survival on the streets. The cost here is for transportation and supplies other than our Care Bags.

  • Care bags ANNUAL COSTS $10,000.00-$15,000.00

Our cloth care bags will provide all the necessary items to daily care, health, safety, hygiene, and hunger. A list of available local resources such as shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, government assistance programs, and other agencies for the ongoing help. These bags are seasonal in need and we project to distribute 400-600 bags this year alone. (Last year we distributed 300 Care Bags)

  • Referrals

Referrals will give direction and guidance to seek out and take full advantage of all resources and localized programs to aid in their survival and steps to overcoming homelessness once and for all.

  • Housing assist

We when possible will work with clients who are seeking permanent housing opportunities and utilize all available resources within the community at large to accomplish permanent housing on a one on one basis.

  • Mother Goose free diaper assistance help ANNUAL COSTS $750.00

We can provide free diapers to any family in need all sizes available to aid in the high cost of diapers especially to struggling families or individual single parents.

  • Emergency food boxes to families in crisis ANNUAL COSTS $950.00

We provide food boxes to any family or person facing an emergency situation and in need of food help. Examples of this is such as if someone house burns down and they become homeless, death in the family, loss of total income, loss of job.

  • Community awareness signs Annual costs $200.00

We promote a clear message with awareness signs in different areas that say A BED FOR EVERY HOMELESS PERSON. These signs seen at busy intersections to traffic communicate the need for more beds and shelters in the community to meet the rising population of unsheltered homeless.

  • Collecting data using the VI-SPDAT forms

The data information collected on individual homeless people is vital to local shelters and agencies working to house the most critical and chronic homeless. These forms use an assessment evaluation to determine their needs, their health conditions and who is actually chronically homeless.

  • Veteran homelessness awareness

We use banners and signs that say Homeless Veteran Lives Matter and advocate publicly for a greater awareness of our homeless vets.

  • Haircuts and a dinner! ANNUAL COST $300.00

Providing street homeless with a haircut and a hot meal.

  • Deposit assistance removing the barriers to housing ANNUAL COSTS  $15,000.00  (32  cases assisted),

We hope to assist one or more homeless person or couple each month by offering to pay the security deposit and/or utility deposit.

  • Water for the homeless on hot and humid days Annual costs $100.00

We collect and distribute cold water bottles to the many homeless on the streets to keep them hydrated, safe, and prevent heat stroke and EMS calls. Most of our cases of water are donated but often we must purchase ice bags to ice down our portable grab-n-go coolers.

Your donation truly helps us operate these valuable programs!