Homeless to Housing- removing the barriers of deposits

Note: Currently funding has been exhausted.

Period open dates August 2017- January 30 2018 

NOTICE: We are seeking additional GRANTS to fund future requests as the demand is high. We have received 25 NEW requests since JAN 2018 and have many awaiting to be helped.

How the Program works:

Michiana Five will be seeking qualified homeless to place into housing by paying the security deposit thereby removing the barrier to housing for those with income but unable to meet the required deposit(s). 

 We will also pay as necessary any utility deposit of gas, electric, and water up to $500.00 max. 


The Rules:

Candidate must be homeless

They must be working 45+ days

They locate their own housing to suit them

and be able to pay rent each month forward

*They must contact us first prior to signing a lease for help.

People who we helped:

  • Minerva G 
  • Charles S (2x)
  • Juanella B 
  • Lucille V
  • Joe F
  • Tyeshia B
  • Mario S
  • Matthew W (2x)
  • Sherrie S
  • Clara R
  • Deb A
  • Jeremy T
  • Lawrence L
  • Charles C jr 
  • Charles C sr 
  • Penny B
  • Mike K
  • Jay M
  • Phil E
  • Lucas R
  • Kwajalein T (2x) 
  • Andrew V
  • Brittany R
  • Gregory C
  • Jamie R
  • Minnie F
  • Staysha H
  • _________________________________________________________

Lucille’s V Story

From a tent to a apartment! Congratulations Lucille! Michiana Five helped Lucille with a deposit on her new place and she has worked hard to get herself off the streets out of a tent and from out of the woods and a garage. Our deposit assistance program may help someone you know? They must be homeless and working and want off the streets, they find their place of choice and come talk to us. We are happy we could help this lady get off the streets and help her with a new start. We hope to place even more homeless into housing! Isn’t Michiana Five worth your support?
Posted October 8, 2017